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 the *Triple-Row Zydeco Accordion Resource Page

A Resource Page/Forum dedicated to the Triple-Row diatonic Button Accordion in the Bluesy-style of LA Creole/Zydeco dance music *(with occasional reference to the Single-Row & the Double-Row as needed) 

Zydeco on a Triple-Row GCF Diatonic Accordion - Primer Pt. 3

     This is segment #3 in this particular Series. Here, we will be playing Jambalaya not only in the Key of C (Middle row), but also in F (Top, "Inner" row) & in G (Bottom row) as well. Remember, my videos are an attempt at providing a very methodical approach to this style of Accordion playing - slow, but steady "Disciplined" & "Progressive" approach that will pay off huge rewards as you will find if you stick with it.

     BTW, there are a number of other great & helpful You Tube videos (Songs, Licks, etc.) from some very good players which I will also post in this Resource Page. we need all we can get here & I thank those contributers ahead of time for their fine efforts. Those that don't wish for their videos to be posted, please let us know & I will kindly omit them. The way I look at it, The More The Merrier & even More Helpful ! That's what this page is all about for us aspiring Triple-Row Zydeco Accordeon players - a real badly-needed Resource for us & finally here it is !  Hey-"Are We All A Buncha GOOD FRIENDS ?" or what ? :)

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