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 the *Triple-Row Zydeco Accordion Resource Page

A Resource Page/Forum dedicated to the Triple-Row diatonic Button Accordion in the Bluesy-style of LA Creole/Zydeco dance music *(with occasional reference to the Single-Row & the Double-Row as needed) 

About Us

     Welcome to this brand new, very much needed Site dedicated to the Bluesy R&B sounds of the Triple-Row diatonic Accordion played in the LA Zydeco style ! In its Fledgling state, this page will be slow in growing, however as we get some momentum, it will soon become an important resource for all Zydeco 3-Row players - beginning, advanced or professional.

                                                                                             PURPOSE & INTENT

     This Site was born out of the need for one of its type, after scouring the Internet & so far have found none that was dedicated to the LA Zydeco dance style on this particular type of Accordion. While there are several excellent sites dedicated to the 10-button Diatonic "Cajun" Accordion in both the Cajun & also the Creole/Zydeco style, one of this type seemed badly needed -Therefore, here it is !


                                                                                TYPES OF TRIPLE-ROW ACCORDIONS

     The brand/type of 3-Row diatonic Accordion doesn't matter, just as long as it uses the "Standard" "International" note/button layout as found on mostly all Triple rows such as Gabbenellis, Dino Buffetti, Excelsior or even any Hohner 31/34 button Corona ll, etc., INCLUDING the Roland FR-18 V-Accordion in the "#11 Tablature configuration (yes, it does have a place here right along with the "real" ones, as it is a fabulous instrument albeit very challenging in getting the right Tone out of it).

     Also I might add that your 3-Row doesn't have to have the 3 or 4 reeds that gives you a much fatter Zydeco sound. The standard 2-reed Coronas/Panthers, etc. as previously mentioned have a very sweet "higher register" sound just great for Zydeco in the manner of Queen Ida & many others. Therefore, whatever you presently have or whatever you can afford is just fine to learn, improve & enjoy this great style of diatonic accordion playing.

                                                                                  SINGLE-ROW DIATONIC ACCORDIONS

     Although this Site will strictly adhere to the diatonic Triple Row accordion, we will occasionally refer to the 10-button diatonic "Cajun" Accordion, but only as necessary when it is directly applicable to the 3-row diatonic Accordion in learning certain Licks, Chords, Songs etc. In other words, the Triple-/Row is actually 3 Single-Rows all in one package (with some "Accidentals" added to boot) ! therefore, to break into playing this type of Accordion it makes perfect sense to apply what is already known to those of you who already know the basic "Moves", Licks songs, etc. on the Cajun 10-button & transfer it over to the 3-Row for "Starters





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