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 the *Triple-Row Zydeco Accordion Resource Page

A Resource Page/Forum dedicated to the Triple-Row diatonic Button Accordion in the Bluesy-style of LA Creole/Zydeco dance music *(with occasional reference to the Single-Row & the Double-Row as needed) 

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Zydeco on a Triple-Row GCF Diatonic Accordion - Primer Pt. 4

In keeping up with in the manner of the previous 3 videos on the subject, here is installment #4. Keep in mind - at this point (w/all 4 vids), we are mainly playing "Single-Row - 10-Button Diatonic Accordeon Cajun/Creole" type style transferred directly over to each "single" row on out Triple-Rows just for now. Then soon enough we will be adding notes from other rows as well - to give our playing that infectious "Bluesey" Zydeco sound. Have fun & will be working on the next video in this Series.

Zydeco on a Triple-Row GCF Diatonic Accordion - Primer Pt. 3

     This is segment #3 in this particular Series. Here, we will be playing Jambalaya not only in the Key of C (Middle row), but also in F (Top, "Inner" row) & in G (Bottom row) as well. Remember, my videos are an attempt at providing a very methodical approach to this style of Accordion playing - slow, but steady "Disciplined" & "Progressive" approach that will pay off huge rewards as you will find if you stick with it.

     BTW, there are a number of other great & helpful You Tube videos (Songs, Licks, etc.) from some very good players which I will also post in this Resource Page. we need all we can get here & I thank those contributers ahead of time for their fine efforts. Those that don't wish for their videos to be posted, please let us know & I will kindly omit them. The way I look at it, The More The Merrier & even More Helpful ! That's what this page is all about for us aspiring Triple-Row Zydeco Accordeon players - a real badly-needed Resource for us & finally here it is !  Hey-"Are We All A Buncha GOOD FRIENDS ?" or what ? :)

Zydeco on a Triple-Row GCF Diatonic Accordion - Primer Pt. 2

Here is the 2nd installment in this Series, where we we will soon be playing Jambalaya on the "C" Middle row. Enjoy & have fun.

New Triple-Row Zydeco Accordion Primer Video #1

Just completed this & uploaded it right away for everybody to get started on. This is just the first in a "Primer" Series on how to break into Zydeco Accordeon playing, based on what you already know on your 10-Button Diatonic "C" Cajun Box (if you've already gone that route). As this is my 1st Video ever, please forgive any errors where I have meant one thing & said the other. These all took many Takes & the ones I've accepted were the best ones I could do at the time. Soon, I will correct any mistakes in the "Comment" sections on the You Tube Vids. Til then, as a blanket excuse when you may find an Error, just think of me saying "Aw Come on - Ya know what I mean !" :) Enjoy & more is on the way ! -

CJ  ..........PS- Whoops (already !) - at 00:27 I meant to say on the "SECOND", "MIDDLE" Row. Sorry !

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                                  CAP'N JIMMY & the MARTI-CRAWFISH CAJUN/ZYDECO BAND

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          Playin' to the Seagulls on my Triple-Row (Excelsior Arena IV GCF - a damn-good Accordeon, bar none)

                                                                               (Circa - A while back ...)




Blues - The Most Important Thing Right Off !

Welcome ! When analyzing the Chords, Riffs, Licks & Solos in Zydeco Triple-Row Accordion it is clearly evident that a lot of  Blues is intermixed within.- & is of upmost importance to learn. Therefore, for Starters this would be very helpful - Your very 1st Blues Zydeco 3-Row Accordion lesson from the great Jeffrey Broussard (Key of G & on a GCF  Hohner Panther at that !). Although Jeffrey slows this tune down to 1/2 speed on the video already, be sure to slow down ALL the Videos that are posted here ("Settings") as much as 1/2- Speed as needed (without altering the original Pitch). You can also 

download the free VLC Player so that you will have more control over the amount of Playback Slowdown (as much as "30-40% if needed- which is even slower than "50% (1/2 speed). Enjoy & learn.

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