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 the *Triple-Row Zydeco Accordion Resource Page

A Resource Page/Forum dedicated to the Triple-Row diatonic Button Accordion in the Bluesy-style of LA Creole/Zydeco dance music *(with occasional reference to the Single-Row & the Double-Row as needed) 

- YOU TUBE Triple-Row Zydeco Accordion GOODIES  (videos/tutorials)

Here are some awesome contributions from some fine Triple-Row Zydeco players out there. Will be posting them here for your convenience as soon as they are found. A shout-out of Thanks to all who have made these Valuable-Vids. Your help is greatly needed & much appreciated !


     Here we pay Tribute to one of Zydeco's best Triple-Row Accordeon Players / Singers ever. Played with his GCF Hohner in the Key of D, Joe exemplifies how much the Blues is the very foundation of Zydeco Music. Being another "Slower" type I-IV-V (D-G-A7) tune, there is much one might catch onto here, even if you can't see his fingers on the buttons. This short vid is a real Classic, as it captures a typical afternoon in a Louisiana Creole/Zydeco neighborhood. It doesn't get any more Soulful than this ! Hail, Zydeco Joe - RIP. We will never forget you & greatly appreciate your contribution to Zydeco.


Louisiana Two Step - Rockin' Dopsie - Demo

     Here's a fine example of a song for the Triple Row (on a nice Roland FR-18D no less - in Black this time). From "GumboBubbha", this tune is done in the key of G using the Middle & Upper ("Inner") Rows (GCF keyboard layout "Tablature" setting). Also noteworthy is the nice "Hohner Corona II"-type 2 Reed (MM) tone setting he has his Accordeon set on - very pleasing sound.

     This tune reminds me a lot of the "Bosco Stomp" heard very often on 10-Button Cajun Accordeons. I wonder if it was the inspiration for Clifton Chenier & then Rockin' Dopsie, or maybe the other way around. I find this is part of the fun of learning LA Cajun/Zydeco music - how many of the songs sound similar, but with different titles as well as many different "Spins" on the good-old Standby "Standards" of the Cajun/Creole Culture. Fine job Mr. Gumbo - sure appreciate your tasty "Soup O' Song" offering here !

I'M COMING HOME (Clifton Chenier) - Ganey Arsement

Ganey Graces us here with yet another Classic - "I'm Coming Home" by Clifton Chenier on his classy-looking red Roland FR-18 electronic Triple-row. From what I can make out, I think he is playing this tune in F, mainly on the Middle Row. If true, this means instead of using the "Standard" GCF "Tablature" (Roland's term for "Keyboard Note Layout") setting, Ganey has it set a whole-step lower - that is, in the "F-Bb-Eb" setting, therefore playing mainly in the Middle Row as if in "G", but now coming out as in the key of  F. Also, Ganey is showing us the versatility of the various Tones you can get out of this Box (similar to a "Regular-Reeded" Box), by first playing in the "Two Middle-Reed" (MM) position (from the "Cajun" Set), then playing in the familiar "Deep-Throated" 3 (or 4) Reed position (LMM out of the "Cajun" Set or LMMM out of the "Alpine" set). This is a very cool tune to learn, as it is a nice slower, Bluesy/R&B?Gospel-type groove that you can really sink your fingers into the Buttons. Thanks so much, Ganey - much appreciated !

ZYDECO JAM - (Roland FR-18) - Ganey Arsement

Ganey graces us here with a cool, snappy Zydeco-Ditty in G with his shiny-new Red-Roland FR-18 Diatonic Accordeon. Those of you who aren't yet familiar with this little electronic Box, it IS a quite formidable & extremely versatile instrument - right up there IMO to the actual Reeded, "Regular" Triple-Row Accordeons - ONCE you learn how to tame it down & "warm-up" the Tone (with external Pedal(s), EQ, etc.-which I will cover soon). This is quite an infectious little Groove he's got going for us here, adding the cool "1/2-Step Accidental" on the higher Row to give it that unmistakable "Blusey-Zydeco" sound that just "Tickles Yer Innerds" ! Nice job, Ganey - thanks for your offering, kind Wizard !

PAPER IN MY SHOE - Jeffrey Broussard

Another fine lesson in a series of several Triple-Row Zydeco songs. A Boozo Chavis hit - Paper In My Shoe, played in D mostly on the pull. A great "Slower Blues Groove" for us to sink our "Three-Rows-of-Teeth" into. Thanks so much Jeffrey - just love your playing. Would sure like to get a box of them "Magic Zydeco Toothpicks" - maybe it'd help me play better ! ;)

"TRIPLE-NOTE" JAM Pt. 2 - Zydeco Kid (Kaleb Le Day)

Here Kaleb none other than THE Zydeco Kid dazzles us with another "Triple-Row Delight", throwing in all kinds of Zydeco songs, the 1st one being "Zydeco Boogaloo" in D, then on & on to many others. This young man really knows how to JAM & keep it going, transitioning to various songs effortlessly. Why, he doesn't even need a Band ! Way to go, Kaleb, you're a real Inspiration to us all. Thanks for your contribution. Only one other thing.....MORE of your Triple-Row, Please !

"TRIPLE-NOTE" JAM - Pt 1 Kaleb Le Day / Zydeco Kid

Here's a real treat for all of us to learn a Ton of "Crawfish-Licks" from. Every time I listen to this Video (& others by him), I'm more & more impressed by this young man's vast talent & I just know he's really gonna go places with it. I call this particular vid the "Zydeco Kid Triple-Row Master Class" on real Thematic Development within his Jamming, playing many tasty Licks / Chordal "Punches", etc. This is great inspiration for all of us, where he takes us on a real musical journey throughout the number of tunes he is playing within, the first one being a I - IV in D (D-G), then later on he switches to to a IV - I in G (C-G). Way to go, Kaleb ! Show us how it's done - on just a simple Hohner Corona II Accordion. Thanks very much for your Concert !

Triple-Row Zydeco Cha-Cha in C

Here is a great example of a fun Zydeco tune in C on the "Pull". A I-IV-V type tune where some punchy Arpeggio Licks are added to the B/Bridge/Turn part, to really "Drive-the-Dancers". Nice job, David ! Thanks for posting. Love your nice Accordion as well.

David Sousa's Zydeco Cha-Cha Tutorial

Here David breaks-down all the Moves, Licks etc. in his very casual & helpful way. Nice job Dave ! Thanks.

Triple-Row ZYDECO 2-STEP In D

Here is a great example of playing a snappy, cheery Zydeco 2-step in D on a Panther GCF mainly on the "Pull". Good job Dan - thanks for the contribution !


Hey Do It Right -Boozoo Chavis

Here's another one with a real sweet, joyful sound to it. This is "Hey Do It Right" by non-other than the great Boozoo Chavis - King of Rural Zydeco. Played in G, Mainly on the "Pull". A typical I-V-I Creole/Zydeco tune. Nice Bass/Chord accompaniment, along with background percussion. Thanks again, Dan !

Big Nick's TI-FI

Here's a great simple Zydeco Blues in G, using both the C (Middle) & F (Top,"Inner") Rows, mainly on the "Pull". Thanks much, Big Nick ! Nice Accordeon, too.