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 the *Triple-Row Zydeco Accordion Resource Page

A Resource Page/Forum dedicated to the Triple-Row diatonic Button Accordion in the Bluesy-style of LA Creole/Zydeco dance music *(with occasional reference to the Single-Row & the Double-Row as needed) 

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Professional Working Musician/Songwriter/Studio Musician/ Bandleader 50+ years. Instruments: Lead Guitar, Pedal Steel Guitar, Dobro, Fiddle, Mandolin, Banjo, Keyboards, Accordions, Concertina, Bass, Chapman STICK. Multi-Instrumental Music Teacher (Private & Public) 40+ years. Recording Engineer/Mastering Engineer/Producer - Monastery Records, etc. See latest Release :


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                                  CAP'N JIMMY & the MARTI-CRAWFISH CAJUN/ZYDECO BAND

                                                                   - "Stompin' the Swamp"-

                                                        ( Circa - Sometime before the Circus )


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          Playin' to the Seagulls on my Triple-Row (Excelsior Arena IV GCF - a damn-good Accordeon, bar none)

                                                                               (Circa - A while back ...)




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