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 the *Triple-Row Zydeco Accordion Resource Page

A Resource Page/Forum dedicated to the Triple-Row diatonic Button Accordion in the Bluesy-style of LA Creole/Zydeco dance music *(with occasional reference to the Single-Row & the Double-Row as needed) 

Blues - The Most Important Thing Right Off !

Welcome ! When analyzing the Chords, Riffs, Licks & Solos in Zydeco Triple-Row Accordion it is clearly evident that a lot of  Blues is intermixed within.- & is of upmost importance to learn. Therefore, for Starters this would be very helpful - Your very 1st Blues Zydeco 3-Row Accordion lesson from the great Jeffrey Broussard (Key of G & on a GCF  Hohner Panther at that !). Although Jeffrey slows this tune down to 1/2 speed on the video already, be sure to slow down ALL the Videos that are posted here ("Settings") as much as 1/2- Speed as needed (without altering the original Pitch). You can also 

download the free VLC Player so that you will have more control over the amount of Playback Slowdown (as much as "30-40% if needed- which is even slower than "50% (1/2 speed). Enjoy & learn.

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